CDC Teal selected as Seed of the Year 2015-16 winner

February 29, 2016 / Saskatoon

Seed of the Year award presented to Dr. Pierre Hucl
Seed of the Year award presented to Dr. Pierre Hucl

Seed of the Year award presented to Dr. Pierre HuclSeed of the Year West is pleased to announce that CDC Teal was selected as 2015-16 winner. CDC Teal was developed by Dr. Geoff Hughes and Dr. Pierre Hucl at the University of Saskatchewan Crop Development Centre and was supported for registration in 2000.

CDC Teal was very marketable due to the fact that it could participate in both an IP program and in the general CWRS class. By the early 2000’s, CDC Teal was one of the most popular varieties grown in western Canada with a market share in excess of 20% of the acres planted. There are only a handful of varieties that have achieved that level over the last 25 years.

“CDC Teal was one of the first CWRS varieties to be included in the Warburton IP program,” says Ron Weik, Seed Portfolio Manager FP Genetics. “It’s bread making attributes were ideally suited to their requirements. That laid the foundation for an enduring partnership between growers and Warburton that continues to the present day. CDC Teal was a flagship variety for FP Genetics until it was ultimately phased out as newer, improved varieties became available.”

Seed of the Year is designed to provide recognition to publicly-developed varieties that have made a significant contribution to the economy, agriculture, and the Canadian public in general. Although the name, Seed of the Year, indicates the contribution in a particular year, the program is much broader reaching and considers total lifetime achievement and contribution. Seed of the Year believes it is important to recognize the value of our public plant breeding programs, as well as encourage the entry of new plant breeders to the industry.


Part of the western award is a $4000 scholarship, awarded to a student enrolled in a western Canadian university and currently completing a Masters or Ph.D. in plant breeding or genetics. Sean Asselin was selected as this year’s scholarship winner. Sean is a Ph. D candidate at the University of Manitoba. His research is focused on characterizing perennial sunflower species. “This award is generous support for the training of plant breeders and a great motivator for students such as myself,” says Asselin. “I’m honoured to be this year’s seed of the year scholarship recipient.”

The Seed of the Year award was presented to Dr. Pierre Hucl on February 25, 2016 at the Prairie Grain Development Recognition Luncheon in Saskatoon.


Seed of the Year West would also like to acknowledge its sponsors: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Alberta Barley Commission, Canterra Seeds, Cargill, Canadian Seed Growers Association, FP Genetics, CPS Canada, Richardson International, SeCan, and Western Grains Research Foundation. We also wish to thank the judges and other applicants.


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News Release – 2015 Seed of the Year Award