Submit nominations for Seed of the Year 2010

On behalf of the Seed of the Year western committee we invite you to submit nominations for “Seed of the Year – West”

Since 2005, Seed of the Year has been in operation in eastern Canada, winners have included – Millennium asparagus in 2005, Harovinton soybean in 2006, and AC Barrie in 2007 (note that AC Barrie was selected for its impact in the east although it was developed in western Canada!). In 2008 the program was expanded to consider varieties from both the east and the West. The 2008 winners were OAC Kent soybean in Eastern Canada, Kyle Durum in the west. In 2009 the winners were Chapais barley in the east and Harrington Barley in the west.

Seed of the Year is designed to provide recognition to publicly developed varieties that have made a significant contribution to the economy, agriculture, and the Canadian public in general. Although the name indicates the contribution in a particular year – the program is much more broad reaching and considers total lifetime achievement and contribution over time.

We feel it is important to recognize the value of the contributions of our public plant breeding programs, as well as encourage the entry of new plant breeders to the industry. For this reason, part of the western award will included a scholarship for $4000 that is to be awarded to a student enrolled in a western Canadian University that is completing a masters or Ph-D in plant breeding or genetics. The winner of Seed of the Year will be asked to select the University program of their choice.